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Answers to the most basic questions about ATSoft, Inc.

Words from store owners: I am investing in ATSoft’s Point of Sale system to help me operate my establishment efficiently and gain a marketing advantage. With this product, I can spend less time at the store and more time at home with family. Now, I’m looking to open additional stores. I don’t ever want to go back to the manual “paper and tickets” system anymore. It’s a great improvement from the past.
Who is ATSoft?
ATSoft, Inc. has been designing software for retail since 2005. We specialize in Point of Sales software. This includes software for Beauty Salons (hair and nail), Restaurants, Fast Food, and Nail Supply. We are the first company to develop and customize software in the U.S. that is geared toward Asian communities (Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, etc). Our #1 best selling product is the Nails 123 System.
We currently have over 6, 000 clients using our software on a daily basis. These clients are giving us fresh ideas on how they want to run their business. We listen and value their ideas, developing our software based on our client’s customization. With these flexibilities and features, our software has been gaining popularity and adapting to all stores. We listen to all of your feedback!
One of our great features is our “Quick Support” application that comes FREE with the software package. Quick Support allows our team to connect to your system REMOTELY via the internet and take temporary control to do training, fix your problem, update your software, etc. This allows you to enjoy the experience of one of our technicians being there physically to assist you with your system.

The Software: (30 Day Trial available for download)

Yes, please call us if you need help installing or download directly from the website for a FREE 30 day trial. Call us to pay for a full license activation at 1-800-398-0525.
Yes, you can connect multiple stations per shop with centralized data. Call us to set up network stations. We charge the full software price on the main license and half on software for additional station licenses.
Yes, tablet devices can be treated as multi-stations. Requires local WIFI and an IP Network receipt printer. (Call us for printer accessories).
The Nails 123 System is our #1 best selling product for hair and nail salons that will manage from customer point of entry to checkout. Also produces payroll for technicians. Many custom features and options are requested by our 6000+ clients. We also offer iPad and iPhone apps available on the App Store. Search for “iNailPOS” and “iStylePOS”.
The Food 123 System allows you to take orders at the table with an iPad or iPhone device and send orders directly to the kitchen. Includes fully customizable menus and table setting. We also offer iPad and iPhone apps available on the App Store. Search for “iBistroPOS” and “iPhoPOS”.
The Retail 123 System allows you to manage your nail supply store by being able to scan items with a barcode scanner or quick-search for non-barcode items. Options for the complete package include: Counter POS, Back Office (QuickBooks like), Phone order system stations, E-commerce website hosting for customers and dealers, and much more!

Answers to the most basic questions about ATSoft, Inc.

Purchasing a system includes a powerful 23 Touch Screen All-in-One PC, Thermal Receipt Printer, 5 Slot Cash Drawer, and Mouse and Keyboard. Optional Items available for purchase include: Magnetic Card Reader, Barcode Scanner, Paper Rolls, Gift and VIP Cards.
Yes, you can purchase a complete system or accessories without software.
Yes, but you need to connect your old system to take the license to a new system. There is a fee to move the license and data over to the new system.
You can upgrade just the hardware to the latest model. Your license is transferrable to a new system. There is a small fee to move sale data to a new system after recovering data from the old system.

Gift and VIP Cards: (30mm plastic cards - Like credit cards)

Pick from over 100+ pre-designed cards from our website. Email us the card # and store information: Name, Address, Phone, Store hours, and any notes to put on the back of the card. Our professional graphics designer will give you a free design until you approve. It will then be sent out to print. Takes 2-3 weeks to arrive.
Minimum Order: 500 cards per box. 85 cents per card. FREE design. FREE Shipping. 1000+ Card Order: 70 cents per card.FREE design.FREE shipping.

Merchant Service:

Yes, but if you do, you will receive great benefits with direct integration (no more credit card terminal). See below for more information.
We offer a great rate, and will match to the lowest current rate. We set up to direct integration to our software and provide a free magnetic card reader. Now you can charge directly from Nails 123 System (like big department stores). We make it easy for you to add tips back to the card like restaurants. We even let you split the tip among technicians if the charge was done by multiple technicians (a feature that EVERYONE will love). Also allows you to charge tips if you forgot after batch settlement. All history transactions can be viewed and edited on a user-friendly screen.
Any products that belonging to the company (such as Nail123, etc.), ATSoft, Inc./Yesmua does not support third party integration of merchant services. The products will only support merchant services that are authorized by the company. Should the client integrate a third party company, ATSoft, Inc./Yesmua will void the license of the product due to intentional misuse of the product without notification to the company.